Tire Chain Hanger Mounting & Finishing

/Tire Chain Hanger Mounting & Finishing


  • With the exception of  Part No.’s 3160L and 3160R, tire chain hangers with a hinging cover (3180, 3181, 3182) are designed to be mounted in front of the rear fender so the fender can be mounted to the back of the chain hanger.  The cover hinges on the rear of the chain hanger and opens to the front.
  • Part No. 3160L and 3160R are designed to mount behind the rear wheels. The cover hinges on the front of the chain hanger and opens to the rear.
  • Please note that the exact mounting configuration is up to the individual, but the above descriptions describe the original design intention and should help to avoid confusion when ordering, especially if a different mounting position is intended.
  • Longer versions of 3181 and 3182 style chain hangers are available upon request, when needed for 8’6” axles.
  • Our retractable tire chain hangers and simple tube style chain hangers without hooks are universally designed for mounting on either the left hand (driver’s side) or right hand (curb side) of a truck.


  • The standard finish on our tire chain hangers is now a gloss black powder coat.